Won't Let Go

by Homesick

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released March 9, 2017

Engineered by Blake Ohlback at ECP Studios
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering
Guest Vocals on Counting Sheep by John McAleer
Cover and insert photography by Tahmid Nurullah
Back cover photography by Jacob Richardson
Layout by Hayden Bray

Many thanks to Trent Baldock at Dogfight Records for making this record a reality

Homesick would like to acknowledge all indigenous mobs both nationwide and worldwide and recognise the continued struggle we’re all battling together for justice and decolonisation
“All power to the people”



all rights reserved


Homesick Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Arthur
Did I ever tell you how much I cared?
You were always there
Did I ever tell you how much you meant to me?
Your humble light shining in the dark
Were you even aware?
So unaware

I’ll shine bright so you can see it from the moon
This is my promise to you
To honour the path you paved for me
I’ll shine bright
This is my promise to you

You’re the brightest star in the night
From the sun in the day to the darkest nights
You ignite

It’s hard to breathe with the weight bearing down on me
Suffocating slowly

The man you once were I will not forget
Track Name: Dear Brother
Pressure to be the best I can be
Angry and frustrated that I’m only going to be me
It’s not enough, this is never enough
Not half the man my brothers will be
Never a leader nor a fucking sheep

Dear father, dear brothers
Destined to drift through this life alone
Dear father, dear brothers
I’m sorry

Walking in circles
No destination, no place to call my home
The city lights illuminate the night sky
But I’m hiding in shadows

Not half the man my brothers will be

In this concrete jungle, the heart of it all
I drift thought this world cold and all alone

Every time I pushed you aside
Every time I pushed you away
It’s because I was scared to say
I just want you to know
It’s because I was scared to say
I was scared to say…
Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes the feelings of what it used to mean
Sound like a faint voice blowing in the wind
Just when it seems so far away
I look to the skies and I see open wings

I don’t care if it sounds cliche
I still believe in the words we used to say
I will not succumb to the fear of failure
These words are not just empty convictions

I still believe in what this fight is for
I still believe in the underdogs
I still believe in the songs sung like this before
Belief in the hearts of us all

Like a phoenix rising high through the ash
My soul’s on fire, set the skies ablaze
Burning bright for the once lost
Track Name: Misconceptions
My mind is racing so fast it’s gone blank
I don’t know what to feel
Don’t know what I feel is real
I’m running circles in my head
Lost for words, had I even found them yet

Twenty eight years, I still believe I won’t be missed
Some targets just seem too hard to be fucking hit
I’ve come to terms with what my life has become
No god will save me
I’m not a skeptical one

In a crowded room I feel so alone
The lights are on but it seems so dark and cold
The ones who claim to know you don’t know shit
Translated misconceptions of the life I truly live

I gave up on hope
I’ve come to terms with what my life has become
No god will save me

I gave up on hope so long ago
But the reality is I’m never giving in
Track Name: Resist: Invasion
Our finger’s on the trigger
Slip from sanity
You know I’m losing it
Give in to this hate that’s been bred in me
Indoctrinated this from birth
Taught the foundations to live in this world with apathy

The powerless and enslaved
Gagged, bound and in chains
We are the hopeless generation

But still you wave your flags and say it’s all in the past
You say I’m free

An every Invasion Day
The attempted assimilation of my ancestry
Becomes so clear to me
The underlining racism and bigotry

But still you wave your flags and say it’s all in the past
It was cultural genocide
But still you wave your flags and tell me free

Don’t tell me I’m free

And in 1788 death was brought to this place
Cultural annihilation
A time in history that will resonate
But still you wave your flag and tell me I’m free
Track Name: Rebuild: Solidarity
Brothers and sisters listen to me
I want you to be part of the struggle
Don’t just sit back and watch as we bleed

Don’t say you want to stand with us
I want to stand in solidarity
But solidarity is not enough
Got to take action and fight the system

There’s no freedom for any of us
Track Name: Counting Sheep
Tired from running circles in my head
No clear thoughts
My eyes are wide open
I’m staring at a wall as I lay awake again
Another sleepless night
Nothing making any sense

Did I fuck up again?
Is it all my fault?
What once felt so right has left me sitting here
Feeling nothing at all

Once was us against the world
But now I’m sitting here feeling nothing at all

I remember when the sun used to shine
Those were brighter days
Now everything seems so black and grey
Screaming on the inside
Nowhere to run and hide
The weight of the world bearing down on me

The devil’s calling and I’m losing my fucking mind
I’ll try and do as I did the last time
Make a promise to myself
This might be the last time

Standing staring at hell’s gate I see the devil’s face
As he sits and he waits
What I’m about to do I can’t premeditate
Losing my mind
Breaking this time
I’m about to break
Track Name: Gudjibi
The sun went down one day and never returned
No wind in the trees
No fires to burn
You see the world in colour
I don’t even see in white and grey
The day the sun went down nothing seemed the fucking same

Lost and confused
Is this a dream?
Will I ever wake up?
Or is this reality?

Walking in circles
Lost in a maze
My thoughts become so clouded
Forever living in a haze

The earth cracks open beneath me
Fingers torn as I grip the edge
The weight of the world hanging from my neck
A torque of stone and lead
I fight to hold on
I don’t know why

But this is what life has become
For someone who never knew love
But this is what life has become
We are the hopeless ones